Information for Internship-providing Partners

Information for Internship Providers

Created in support of the “high-impact educational experiences” and “global experiences” strategies outlined in UVA’s Cornerstone Plan, the Office of Global Internships will mark its fourth full year in operation in summer 2018. We are grateful to those internship providers who so generously established positions for students in previous years.

Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, the University of Virginia (U.V.A) is a top-tier research institute and ranked the third best public university in the U.S.A. As a public institution aimed towards the development of responsible citizen leaders and professionals, the University places emphasis upon critical thinking and providing opportunities for its students to connect their classroom-based learning to matters of local, national, and global significance.

The University is comprised of eleven faculties and it confers undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees to a student body of approximately 21,000. There is overwhelming interest from students across Grounds, in all majors and schools, for internships overseas. Our highly motivated students are eager to contribute their skills, fresh perspectives, and enthusiasm to further your organization's goals; in exchange, students hope to gain cross-cultural and professional experience. Please visit our Career Center's webpage to further explore the question of "why hire UVA." 

What are our guiding aims and principles in supporting student internships abroad?

We wish for:

  • student-interns to learn and to be supported in their learning by faculty, university staff, and partner organizations
  • internship abroad opportunities to emerge from ethical, reciprocal, respectful relationships with partner organizations and communities
  • student-interns to engage with substantive intellectual themes and challenges in their professional experiences
  • student-interns to develop appreciation for a diverse range of knowledge producers through their work encounters
  • student-interns to develop clear understandings of health, safety, and risk (which is inherent to experience) and to develop tools for managing these matters wisely

What expectations underlie our cultivation and maintenance of internship positions with our partners?

  • We will mutually agree upon baseline expectations regarding the nature of the internship position, the intern’s role and responsibilities, and the practical details of the internship experience, as well as outline a customized process for recruitment and selection. We will endeavor to plan for student-interns to participate in meaningful projects and will articulate how their work will contribute to the mission of the organization. 
  • Student-interns are expected to have a designated supervisor and/or mentor to guide their activities during their work term, as well as an orientation to the organization upon their arrival. At the end of the internship period, we will request supervisors to provide feedback on their intern's performance and suggestions to further enrich our partnership.
  • We will act with the understanding that learning and cross-cultural exchange are key outcomes for all parties involved in the internship arrangement.

If you are interested in publicizing an internship through the Office of Global Internships or designating an exclusive internship for UVA students, please contact Ingrid Hakala, the Office director.