Funding Your Global Internship

An internship abroad is likely to be a valuable experience, both personally and professionally, but it will require investments of time, energy, and financial resources to realize. While some internships abroad may come with salaries, stipends, or other forms of support, many opportunities may be unpaid. You are encouraged to think about how much you can personally afford to invest in an experience abroad (either from savings, support from guardians, or through paid work before/after) as well as sources of funding both within UVA and beyond.

UVa Office of Global Internships Scholarships

These scholarships were established by the Vice-Provost of Global Affairs to support any undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Virginia who has secured an internship in an international or “global” setting. Students may apply for support to cover the costs of participation associated with internship positions, including travel to and from the location of work, living expenses, and/or formal placement program fees.

§  Eligibility

  • The applicant must be a currently enrolled University student in good academic and disciplinary standing.

  • A graduating student may be considered for support of an internship that represents a continuation of his or her education and will occur in the term immediately after graduation (i.e. a student who has graduated in the Spring semester may participate in an internship during the following summer term but not in the following Fall term). Additionally, he or she must enroll in the credit-bearing CORE course to maintain enrollment as a student.

  • International students are welcome to apply for a scholarship if the internship he or she seeks is not in his or her hometown; requests for funding may not include airfare to home country.

§  Selection Criteria

  • Scholarships will be awarded based on several criteria. High priority will be placed on the demonstration of financial need, and preference may be given to those in unpaid positions and/or in positions identified by the Office of Global Internships. Additionally, the applicant’s academic record and the quality of his/her application will also be considered, as well as the plausibility of the budget submitted.

§  Application components

  • Short essay questions

  • Itemized budget

  • Year, GPA, Major

  • One academic reference (professor, dean, advisor)

         Though the application is brief, applicants are advised to be thoughtful in their short essay responses and to submit a well-researched budget.

§  Terms

  • Summer

§  Support

  • Recipients may be awarded up to $3,445 (out of state) or $3,349 (in-state).

  • The review committee operates with the dual commitments of offering support to the greatest number of students and the most financially needy applicants. Thus, the majority of scholarships offered are partial. It would be wise to contemplate in advance how much you are able to “co-invest” in your experience abroad, and how. Official levels of financial need are assessed by Student Financial Services.  

  • If you have received funding from another source, please note that you must immediately inform the Director of Global Internships. Your award amount may be adjusted so that you are not funded beyond your budgeted expenses.

  • Support will not be granted for salaries or to compensate for “expected earnings.”

  • All student grantees must sign up for Direct Deposit and designate an authorized payer in SIS to receive their funds. This is to ensure that scholarship payments will be accessible to students and to make sure tuition is paid in a timely fashion. Scholarships will be processed by Student Financial Services as summer stipends and deposits can be expected in mid- to late-May.

§  Requirements

  • Awardees must fulfill all requirements associated with registration as a UVA Global Intern, including completing pre-departure health and safety modules, attending a pre-departure workshop, purchasing mandatory emergency health insurance, and registering travel.

  •  Recipients are expected to submit an internship final report to the Global Internships Scholarship committee by an established deadline.

  • Undergraduate and graduating (undergraduate and graduate) awardees must enroll in, pay tuition for, and successfully complete the 1-credit online CORE course during the term of their internship [tuition: $445 (out-of-state), $349 (in-state)]. Students may elect to receive 1 additional credit by enrolling in the full "wrap-around" CORE program; this entails participation in Spring pre-departure and Fall post-experience workshops on Grounds. Graduate students may elect to enroll in the 1 or 2 credit CORE course.

  • An award may not be bestowed upon a student pursing an internship in a country with a U.S. State Department travel warning in effect unless he/she has successfully petitioned for an exemption, in accordance with the University's Policy on International Student Travel

  • If you are awarded a scholarship and your plans/dates differ from what you stated on your scholarship application, you must let the Office know immediately. Your award amount may be adjusted accordingly.

Additional UVa-Based Scholarships/Resources

  • The Charles H. Koch Jr. Scholarship – provides financial support up to $5,000 to help cover the expenses of internships related to foreign affairs of students in the College of Arts and Sciences. The judges of the competition will give priority to funding internships requiring travel abroad. In order to maximize the assistance provided by the fellowship, they may decide to divide the funds among more than one student. For more information, please click here

  • The Larry Simpson Internship Scholarship – designed to encourage rising 4th year students in the College of Art and Sciences to participate in summer internships, is administered in a collaborative arrangement between the U.Va. Alumni Association, University Career Services, and U.Va. Student Financial Services. For more information, click here

  • Parents Fund Internship Grants – are $3,000 grants offered each spring to 16 students who have secured unpaid public service internships. For more information, click here

  • The Z Society – Gilbert J. Sullivan Award– offers a $2,000 scholarship awarded to a returning undergraduate student of the University. It is intended to provide an opportunity to take a summer internship otherwise unattainable because of financial constraints. For more information, click here.

  • UVA Center for Undergraduate Excellence—Visit to learn more about national scholarships and fellowships for research, study, and professional experience abroad!

  • UVA International Studies Office—lots of resources (internal and external) for funding education abroad opportunities, including internships!

  • UVA Career Center

National Scholarship Competitions and External Resources

Just a few of many….

The following are a few external websites to continue your search (this list is just a starting point and the Office does not endorse any website):

  •  provides a scholarship directory where students can search by field and location. The website also provides information about loans for studying and interning abroad. This is a good site to peruse if you are looking for scholarships given by particular education abroad provider organizations (e.g. IES, API, etc.)

  •—provides an internship scholarship search with results for national scholarships/fellowships and program-specific scholarships

  •—offers scholarships for work, volunteer, and study abroad